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Sares Regis Group of Northern California, LP
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The Challenge

Sares Regis Group (SRGNC) is a developer and manager of commercial and residential real estate in the Western U.S. In its early days, the firm worked under the radar; however, to grow, management knew they needed to attract the best talent. To do that, the SRGNC wanted to build greater awareness in the marketplace. Our task was to elevate SRGNC’s image in the general business and real estate communities throughout Northern California and beyond – and rise above new players entering key markets – hoping to attract more deals and the best employees.

Our Solution

Our strategy to increase awareness of SRGNC involved ramping up efforts — spreading broader and diving deeper – and implementing a consistent, integrated marketing communications effort that included advertising, public relations, events, and other marketing support.

We increased news coverage of the firm’s commercial and residential projects, awards, and executives. We secured appearances of firm executives on industry panels and award programs. We designed and placed advertising in key business and trade publications and planned special company events, such as grand openings and anniversary celebrations. We organized award recognition submissions to business and real estate publications to garner local/national recognition for the firm’s residential, commercial development, investment, and property management services and activities.

The Results

Over the last 15 years, we helped transform a relatively unknown local developer into a widely recognized powerhouse firm. SRGNC grew from 30 employees to more than 100 today, now ranking as the region’s fourth largest development firm. SRGNC has developed more than 3,500 rental apartments and broken ground on projects totaling 13.5 million square feet, with an estimated value of $15 billion. Additionally, they have won numerous awards and gained rankings on influential industry lists, including Top 25 Developers, Top Construction Projects, Silicon Valley Business Journal’s ”Structures Awards,” San Francisco Business Times’ “Real Estate Deals of the Year,” and more. Pike also organized several special events that helped build relationships with key stakeholders and gained media impressions for current and future projects.